Improve your music playing skills

Take7 analyses your music performance and guides you to perfection. Record your piece and let the app give you instant feedback. It is free and and comes with some great music to get you started so download now to PC, Mac or iPad and improve your music playing skills today!

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Why Take7

  • Great home tool when your teacher is not around: All other hours of the week when you don’t have access to your teacher - let Take7 teach you!

  • Practice Loop: Struggling with a piece? Loop it, learn it and proceed.

  • Virtual orchestra and own part: Hear what you’re about to play before you play it, backed up with an orchestra if you like.

  • Record your piece, play it back and get feedback: The best way to understand your strengths and flaws is to listen to your own recordings.

  • Lower the tempo to speed up learning: Learn how to crawl before you can walk by reducing tempo until you’re in control of the piece. Gradually increase as you improve.

How it works

Analyzes your recorded performances.

Play with a virtual band. Hear what you need, when you need it.

Record with ease. No extra hardware required.

Gain insight with evaluations & advice.

Review detailed markings & isolate problem areas.

Improve efficiency with guided exercises.

Get motivated with visualized progress and game systems.

An affordable freemium model.