Use our video tutorials to get set up and using Take7 in the most effective way!
9 April 2018

Registering and Signing In

A guide to getting started with Take7< Read more

8 April 2018

Introduction to Using the App

In this video you’ll learn about some of the very basics of loading songs and adjusting listening options.< Read more

6 April 2018

Play and Loop

Learn how to play and loop music using Take7.< Read more

5 April 2018

Recording and Feedback

See how to record yourself properly, understand the feedback Take7 gives and manage your old recordings.< Read more

4 April 2018

Practice Loop

Learn how to use our unique practise tool…< Read more

3 April 2018

User Statistics

A guide to the User Statistics feature< Read more

2 April 2018

Putting it Into Practise

A guide to using Take7 effectively< Read more

1 April 2018

How to Buy Music

Currently we do not have an in-app store for iPad, Mac, or Windows platforms, please use our online web store for all music purchases.  Here’s how!< Read more

29 March 2018

How to Redeem a Coupon Code

This video will show you how to redeem a Coupon Code.< Read more

28 March 2018

Take7 for an Organisation

Take7 is a valuable tool for music teachers, and could be exactly what your organisation needs to encourage students to practice more and boost the musicality. If you are interested in using Take7 with your organisation, please contact sales@take7music.com

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